Dean Spraakman Underwater Cinematographer

still images courtesy Chelsea Haebich
‘Winner’ Ocean Geographic Vision of the Sea Award 2024

Underwater Cinematography is my passion, from the tiniest macro subject to the largest battle scarred Great White Shark I love filming them all. I enjoy challenging myself to capture incredible detail of the tiniest subjects, including some never before seen animal behaviours and bringing them to the world. I am based in Adelaide South Australia and I specialise in documentaries and the natural history of our oceans. Currently I am working as an Underwater DP for an exciting new Netflix series for ‘Best Production Company in the US’. I own and operate a Nauticam V Raptor Underwater Imaging System with Red DSMC3 VV 8k V Raptor, as well as a JJ-ccr closed circuit rebreather. For more information please see the about page.

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