My Story:

My underwater journey began in 2013 doing my Open Water Course while travelling through Indonesia, from there it quickly developed into a passion, taking every opportunity to be underwater. Eventually leading up to my 6 weeks Divemaster training in the Komodo National Park in Indonesia where I learnt a huge amount from my Divemaster Trainers regarding marine life and their passion for it. From there I began taking still images underwater mostly locally here in South Australia, but I quickly realised I wanted moving pictures! Especially of macro life. From there my skills quickly grew being self taught mostly by trial and error (arguably the best but hardest way to learn!) as my passion and skills grew, so did my kit bag, eventually moving into Underwater Cinema Camera kits. In 2021 I completed my JJ-CCR training and began my closed circuit rebreather journey, now with over 200 hours on the loop and MOD2 60m trimix certification. Recently I have also completed my CDAA Cave Diver Training. Underwater Film Making is my passion, and I treasure every opportunity I have working with marine life.

Shows I have recently worked on:

  • Channel Nines Travel Guides TV Show (Rodney Fox shark cage diving)
  • Breakout Productions Disney + National Geographic episode Bull Shark Bandits Shark Fest Show
  • Wild Space Productions ‘Oceans’ Netflix Natural History Series Southern Ocean Episode – 2021/22 (2024 release)
  • Little Monster Films Nullarbor Cave Diving Shoot 2023 (in production)
  • 57 Films & SATC ‘Beneath’ Film Mount Gambier SA 2020 (in production)
  • Vivid Media music video ‘Maisie Hot Juice’
  • Breakout Productions Mega Sharks of Dangerous Reef Discovery Shark Week episode May 2023
  • Breakout Productions Super Shark Highway series for Love Nature Jan 2024

Stock Footage contribution Documentary Shows:

  • Discovery Channels Shark Week – ongoing
  • Nat Geo’s Shark Fest – ongoing
  • Wild Bear Entertainments Documentaries: Wild Islands, Baby Animals, Navigating The World, Just Animals 2, Under The Sea….
  • Wild Space Productions: Netflix Oceans Series

List of significant qualifications:

  • PADI DiveMaster #384908
  • TDI JJ-CCR air-dil deco #1277943
  • TDI MOD2 JJ-CCR 60m trimix diver #1278384
  • CDAA Cave Diver #5538
  • St Johns Advanced First Aid and O2 Therapy

A selection of Dean’s recent footage samples can be found on the Show Reels page.

To discuss availability and rates please Contact Dean.

Dean Spraakman
Dean underwater with camera
Dean on JJ-CCR