Nauticam S35 8k RED V Raptor Underwater Imaging System


  • Red DSMC3 S35 8k V Raptor

Lenses with cinema gear sets

  • Tokina EF mount AT-X 11-20mm f2.8 PRO DX
  • Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 DC HSM Canon EF
  • Canon 24-70 f2.8 L mkII
  • Canon EF 28-70mm f3.5-4.5 II for use with WACP-C
  • Canon EF 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 for use with WACP-C
  • Canon EF 100mm f2.8 L macro IS USM
  • Nikon Micro Nikkor 70-180mm f4.5-5.6 D AF ED


  • Dive and See 7 inch SDI Underwater Monitor
  • Topside monitor – PortKeys BM5 III WR 5.5″ touchscreen with RCP2 Red control

Housing & Ports

  • Nauticam Red V Raptor Housing with cinema skids and top handle – accepts all Red DSMC3 bodies
  • Nauticam WACP-C wide angle conversion port, ideal for low light shooting at wide open apertures underwater with sharpness corner to corner
  • Nauticam Macro Port 94
  • Nauticam Komodo tray for use of Red Komodo in housing
  • Nauticam 10 inch glass N120 dome port
  • Nauticam acrylic 8.5 inch dome port
  • Port extensions to suit various macro and wide angle lens combinations

Wet Lenses

  • Nauticam SMC-1 Macro Wet Lens and port flip adapter


  • 2 x X-Adventurer 15000lm video lights with 4 x battery packs, remote control and ambient light filters


  • 2 x CF express 2tb cards and card reader
  • RF to EF Meike drop in VND adapter
  • RF to Nikon F Mount adapter
  • Custom 3D printed gear set for iris control of Nikon lenses inside Nauticam housing using the ND wheel for manual control
  • 3 x 150wh micro V lock batteries
  • Carbon / Stix Float Arms
  • 4 x Xit404 twist clamp tripod legs
  • GRIP – Ronford Baker long tall legs with 100mm bowl steel miller fluid head, custom aluminium leg extensions for under sling work and underwater tripod use
  • Custom made Pole Cam rig with 10m ethernet cable Red Control App for full remote camera control
  • Mini Quad – compact undersling quad fluid head macro rig for low POV and benthic macro work with marinized Ronford Baker F4 fluid head
  • 5 x Pelican Cases
  • Apple M1 laptop
  • 120tb Synology RAID storage

Topside Filming Kit

  • Portkeys BM5 WR II touch screen monitor with Red DSMC3 camera control
  • various top handles and smallrig accessories: carbon fibre rods, matte box, follow focus etc.
  • Magnus 4000 tripod
  • Easy Rig Minimax

Closed Circuit Rebreather

  • JJ-ccr DiveCAN international edition closed circuit rebreather with shearwater electronics
  • Shearwater Nerd 2 dive computer
  • JJ axial & radial scrubbers – 5hrs scrubber time
  • DiveSoft BOV
  • 2 x Shearwater SWIFT transmitters
  • 4 x 3lt rebreather cylinders
  • full spares kit

Open Circuit Dive Equipment

  • Xdeep Zen custom backplate and wing
  • Hollis Katana 2 side mount BCD
  • Apeks MTX-R side mount regulator set
  • Apeks XTX50 & XL4+ first and second stages
  • Santi e-motion+ custom dry suit with dry glove system
  • Akuana heated vest
  • Fourth Element Halo 3D undergarment
  • Fourth Element J2 Base Layer undergarment
  • Apeks RK3 fins
  • 2 x Hollis M1 masks
  • 2 x 232 bar 12lt faber steel side mount tanks
  • 2 x S80 1 x S40 bail out & deco cylinders with stage rigging
  • Shearwater Perdix AI dive computer
  • various warm water exposure suits and accessories
  • SMB and reels